Meet the fleet

Our driving school only uses purpose built training vehicles

They are not our instructor’s personal vehicles that second as a training vehicle with magnets slapped onto the side or roof. Unlike other driving schools that operate this way, our vehicles are professionally presented at all times. It also means our driver’s are concerned only about your safety and teaching you the skills to be the best driver you can be without being preoccupied by any potential wear and tear to their personal vehicles.

All Learners Driver Training driving school vehicles are dual controlled, 5 star ANCAP rating Toyota Yaris’. We have both automatic and manual driving school vehicles.

After trying and testing many vehicles, we are of the firm belief that the Yaris is the perfect car to learn to drive in. Small, easy to manouver, great visability, comfortable and Toyota’s great reputation as a durable and safe vehicle was the cherry on the top.


So meet the fleet….