Manual driving lessons Gold Coast

So you would like to get your manual drivers licence? Manual driving lessons can be very challenging for some. Easy for others.

The awesome manual driving instructors on our team here on the Gold Coast agree that it is much easier to teach someone whom has never driven before to drive a manual then someone whom has been driving an automatic vehicle for 90-100 hours.

It is much easier to teach correct technique at the start of the learning process than it is to change bad habits before the driving test.

Being able to time things correctly can make manual driving very easy. Students whom have gained their experience in an automatic have generally not acquired this skill because of the simple fact that its much easier to stop / start in an automatic vehicle therefore they tend not to put any emphasis on this. As take offs can be daunting for students driving a manual vehicle (especially in traffic) the less they have to do the better. With correct preparation and timing the student can eliminate a lot of stop / starting. Nerves play a big part when students are required to do a takeoff onto a roundabout or intersection with traffic. Think solely on the task at hand and not the car behind you.

When first starting to learn to drive a manual vehicle on the Gold Coast there are some critical factors that affect the timeframe of the learning period.

Learners Driver Training advise to do longer lessons at the start of your learning, this helps students pick it up much quicker and much more effectively.

Very often with 1hour manual driving lessons, the last 15-20 minutes the student will be doing great as they start to get the feel for it and start to relax. If they can capitalise on this by doing a longer lesson they will achieve their goal of manual driving much quicker. Its common to see a repeated driver take 30-40 mins to get back to the standard of driving in which they were at at the completion of their last lesson.

The day and time of day can also have a significant affect on the students learning ability. Learners Driver Training believe that the best time to conduct a manual driving lesson on the Gold Coast is on a Saturday. Traffic is much lighter and people are not so in a rush as they seem to be on weekdays. Try to avoid being picked up from school for your first manual driving lesson and having to drive home through peak hour traffic.

Once you have become confident in your manual driving then sure this is great for experience but until then its best to master your technique out of the traffic and then to slowly build confidence in the traffic.

Final Thoughts

The correct timing and preparation techniques taught by our driving instructors make manual driving lessons very easy for most students. Give yourself the best opportunity by learning correctly at the start of your driving. It’s impossible to pull a rabbit out of a hat come practical driving test time in a manual vehicle.