L’s to P’s – Your complete guide

Get your learners licence

  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • Study the road rules in the Keys to Driving in Queensland Booklet which you can buy at your local newsagent or download from our useful driving school links page.
  • Practice makes perfect, so why not go through some of the free practice written learner tests online. The test costs $25.30 to sit, so getting it the first time will help the budget!
  • Confident you have the rules down pat? Time to go for the multi choice written learners test!
  • Go to your local Queensland Transport Centre and fill out the application form. You will need 3 forms of ID and proof of your address. More info can be found here.
  • Passed the test? Woohoo! You will get your photo taken for your learners licence and receive your logbook. The learners licence and logbook cost $175.80 and are valid for 3 years. Now it’s time to start driving!

Start learning to drive

  • It’s time to start learning. But like most things in life it’s best to learn the correct techniques and rules from the get go. Not only will this make you learn faster and be a better driver, but you will find the practical driving test easy with no bad habits to try and fix later on. Learning with a driving school like Learners Driver Training also makes things a lot easier for your supervising driver/s. We do all the hard work for them (no stress, vehicle maintenancee or wear and tear on their car to worry about)
  • Pick a driving school. Don’t base your choice on price alone, ensure that you pick a credible school who has a great reputation. Cheap lessons sound great, but you might need 2 cheap lessons to every market priced lesson. Make sure the instructors are fully licenced, members of the Australian Driver Trainer Association. Check out their cars and ensure they are fully insured and have professional imdenity and public liability insurance. Cheaper schools probably don’t!
  • Ensure that you are always carrying your learners licence and logbook on you and follow any restrictions and conditions that come with your learners licence


  • So you have mastered the basics and are confident driving with your parents / supervising driver? Don’t stop, keep practicing! You need to work towards the 100hrs for your logbook, but use this as a minimum. The more practice you get the better and more confident you will become and it’s only going to make the driving test easier for you, plus help you pass it first time around!
  • Get as much experience as possible and in as many driving situations and conditions as possible (night, day, rain, traffic, country, city – the more the merrier)
  • Book in your FREE government funded keys2drive lesson. These are great lessons and they are FREE! They involve both you and a supervising driver and aim at helping both of you and your learning experience. Highly recommended!
  • A refresher lesson every now and then is great to keep you on track and help with building up more hours in your logbook. Remember every 1hr with an instructor is worth 3hrs in your logbook!


  • So you have held your L’s for at least 12months, completed your minimum 100hrs in your logook and your ready for the test – how exciting!
  • Call us to discuss a plan of attack – when to book the test, what time and test centre, sending in your logbook, book in some refresher lessons if needed and plan the best time and day for your test!
  • Book in a mock driving test, so you get a feel for what the test will feel like. This will give you a better chance of passing the test first time around


  • Have a good night sleep and eat well balanced nutritious meals leading up to test day to ensure your concentration and mental awareness is performing at its best
  • Stay calm and positive. Keep yourself busy (go for a walk, go to the gym, watch a funny movie or hang out with friends) so you don’t over think the test or get too nervous
  • Go into the test confident. The preperation lesson with one of our driving instructors just prior to your test will help boost your confidence but most importantly think positive – you can nail this!
  • Your instructor will talk you through what to expect and help prepare you
  • You will be picked up 1hr, 1.5hrs or 2hrs prior to your test and taken for one last lesson, polishing up on anything that you need to work on and going around the test area
  • Test time – Your instructor will hop out of the car and a driving examiner will take you for a 30min drive
  • Once you have passed, you will go back into QLD Transport, pay your licence fee, get your photo taken and then you will be P Plater!!
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