How to get the most out of
your driving lessons…

So you have booked in your first driving lesson! Here is a guide on how to get the most out of your driving lessons, which will help you be a better and more confident driver sooner and save you money…


If you aren’t a morning person, then book afternoon driving lessons. Tired after a day of school, uni or work? Then book driving lessons before your daily commitments or on weekends. You want to be relaxed, energised and ready to learn so you get the most out of your driving lessons! It is also best not to consume alcohol (if you are over 18 of course) the night prior to any driving lessons and definitely not on the day of your driving lessons. You need to have a 0% alcohol reading and you don’t want to be tired and fuzzy headed for your driving lesson.

There is no dress code for driving lessons, but you need to be comfortable! Lose fitting clothing that is unrestrictive is the best option. Also, think about what footwear is best for you to drive in. Avoid heels or any shoes with thick soles. Or wear shoes / thongs that are easily removed so you can drive barefoot. If it’s a sunny day, bring along a pair of sunglasses or if you need prescription glasses for driving, bring them along too. Style your hair so it is out of your eyes and off your face, so you have clear vision. Avoid wearing, or take off any jewellery that is chunky, noisy or might cause you distractions.

You must have a valid learners licence or international drivers licence for any of your driving lessons. Your driving instructor will check this at the beginning of each lesson. Also bring along your logbook (if it’s applicable for you), plus payment for the lesson if you haven’t organised a prepayment. If you have your mobile phone in the car with you for the lesson, you will need to turn it off, or switch it onto silent mode.

Yep, it sounds simple, but you are paying for the driving lesson, so you want to get the full amount of time you are paying for. Usually there are lessons booked before and straight after your driving lesson, so your driving instructor is unable to stay behind for any time missed due to you being late. If you are paying by cash, ensure that you have the correct payment on you. Our instructors are more then happy to stop by an ATM during your lesson, but this is just wasting your valuable lesson time.

You might have been taught a different method by your parents, family members or even another driving school, but our expert driving instructors have spent years in perfecting the best techniques and methods to help you learn easier, faster and to be a safer driver on the roads. And we know that our methods work! So listen to your driving instructor and follow their guidance, you are paying for their knowledge and expertise. They only want to help you to be a better driver and pass your driving test the first time!

In between your driving lessons, get in as much practice as you can, in as many different driving situations as you can with your supervising driver/s. Remember to practice all the correct techniques and skills you are taught during lessons. It is so hard to try and break 100hrs of bad habits to pass your driving test and you want to be the best and safest driver you can be. Book in a keys2drive lesson with your supervising driver. This lesson is FREE 1hr driving lesson and this lesson includes your supervising driver. Your supervising driver will be able to see the techniques and skills you are learning and it will help both of you throughout your learning.

All our driving instructors are super fun, friendly and patient. Don’t stress out that you will do something wrong, it’s all part of the learning process and we can guarantee it has been done by many other learner drivers before. All our cars have dual controls, so our instructors can help you out until you get the hang of things. Our driving instructors will help you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible and they are very approachable. Ask them as many questions as you like, tell them if you are nervous, tell them if you don’t 100% understand something or if you specifically would like to practice something. We are here to help you and give you the best driving lesson with our Gold Coast driving school.