Getting Driving Lessons?

You are spending money on driving lessons, so its important to take your time over choosing a qualified driving instructor or driving school, and one that you feel at ease with.

In Queensland, the department of transport approves driving instructors. Only approved Driving Instructors can charge you for driving instruction.

How can I tell if a driving instructor is approved?

The driving instructor should have their industry authority licence on display, visible to students. All Learners Driver Training instructors wear theres in a lanyard around there neck.

Finding a driving instructor?

There are many different ways to find a driving instructor.

Ask friends or family, usually they will refer you to what they have heard is good
Word of mouth is usually the most reliable source.

You can also search the internet and look at there websites to see which one best suits you.

Driving schools or independent?

Some driving Instructors work by themselves, while others are part of bigger driving schools. Whatever type of driving instructor you decide to go with, try and speak with them personally to try
and see if you like and feel comfortable with them.

Like most service that you pay for it may be advised to try a few. If your not totally satisfied with the
service then try another.

What qualities should you expect in a good driving instructor?

Like any teacher, some driving instructors will be better than others. We hear of many stories of students who have come from other driving schools that they were not satisfied with. The stories are endless.

Good driving instructors should make the most of your lesson time. And provide you with exactly what you want. You should have their full attention throughout the lesson. They should not be taking phone calls. They definitely shouldn’t raise they’re voice or speak in a tone that you are not
comfortable with. No matter what the situation. You should not feel uncomfortable in any way.

Your driving instructor should always:

  • Be punctual
  • Be well presented and free from odours
  • Arrive in a clean well -maintained car
  • Have a prepared lesson plan
  • Have a positive attitude

If you are not totally satisfied with your driving lesson or driving instructor, you may like to try and discuss it with them for a resolution. If this does not bring you to your intended outcome, then find a new driving instructor.

Driving instructor checklist:

We’ve put together some things to think about when choosing someone to help you leam to drive:

  • Do they teach in your local area? For example, near your home, work or college. Is the driving instructor available at times to suit you? i.e. after work and weekends.
  • Driving lesson quality standards:
  • Is your instructor’s industry authority licence on display?
  • What car do they use and is fitted with dual controls?
  • Leaner drivers may find it easier to learn with a smaller car that’s in good condition and less than three years old.
  • If you are particularly short or tall, then you may want to ask if the car is suitable for your needs.
  • How long has your instructor been teaching learner drivers?
  • Do you know anyone else who has used the driving school or driving instructor?
  • What did they think of their driving lessons?

Driving lesson costs and materials:

  • How much does the driving instructor charge (remember cheapest isn’t always best)?
  • Does the driving school offer a discount for longer lessons or packages?
  • What is the driving school’s policy if you cancel a driving lesson?
  • Are any additional study or training aids included in the price?

Further thoughts:

If English is not your first language, maybe you would prefer to learn with a driving instructor who speaks your first language.

If you’re goal is to pass your practical driving test, make sure your driving instructor understands your goal and your instructor is familiar with the area that you will be taking your test.

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