How to book in your practical driving test…key tips

Booking your practical driving test in Queensland can sometimes be a bit confusing, especially with lots of different information coming from friends or family. We’ve put together the perfect guide and some tips to help you.

Firstly you need to work out when you are eligible to go for your practical driving test and when you will be ready with all the skills needed to pass your driving test. Have a chat to your instructor and they will be able to give you feedback and guidance on when you will be ready to go for your test. Remember that you need to have held your learners licence for a minimum of 12months and have completed 100hrs in your logbook (if it is applicable) or have approved exemptions from these conditions by QLD Transport.

There can be up to a 4 – 6 week wait for driving test bookings at some test centres on the Gold Coast, so it’s a good idea to think about it and book in advance if you want to go for your driving test as soon as possible. Your able to book your driving test prior to having your logbook approved or before you turn 17.

Next you need to think about what test centre you want to do the test at. Generally speaking it is usually the test centre you live closest to and we strongly suggest that you choose a test centre in and area that you are most familiar with – you know the streets and are less likely to get caught up by confusing road situations. There may be a test available earlier at a test centre further away, but sometimes it is worth the extra few days wait for the test centre you are most familiar with. Your instructor will have most likely been taking you around the area of your local test centre during your driving lessons anyway.

What car are you going to use for the driving test? Do you have your own, your parents car or a driving school vehicle? We always recommend using the vehicle you are most comfortable in. Whether that is one of our little Yaris’ or you are quite happy driving your parents SUV… It’s up to you. QLD Transport don’t provide vehicles for you to do your driving test in and you are also unable to use hire cars. If you are using your own vehicle, double check a couple of days before the test that it is 100% roadworthy. Double check all the lights and indicators are working, the tyre tread, etc.

If you are going to do the test in your own car you can book and pay for the driving test online on the TMR website or you can call QLD Transport on 132390 (make sure you have your credit card handy).

If you are going to be doing the test in our of our driving school vehicles, call us on 0487 341 007 and we can arrange the test booking for you. We quite often have driving test bookings available sooner then if you book directly with QLD Transport. Using our vehicle for the test also means you get a driving lesson (1hr, 1.5hr or 2hr in length) just prior to your driving test, which is a great way to calm your nerves, get in some last minute driving practice and go into the test as confident as possible. You can book the test yourself directly with QLD Transport also, just make sure you call us to check that our instructors are free for the date and time of your test.

Next you need to organise when you need to send your logbook away (if it is applicable to you). You MUST allow a minimum of 14 days for QLD Transport to review and approve your logbook. If they are quiet they can sometimes do it faster, but don’t take the risk unless you want to risk pushing back your driving test date too!! To send your logbook away, you need to take it into Australia Post and they will register post it off for you. When the logbook has been approved QLD Transport will contact you via the method you have chosen and let you know. If you haven’t heard anytime a couple of days prior to your test, it is a good idea to give them a call and double check. If your driving test is within 14 days of your 17th birthday, you won’t be able to send it away and have it approved in time (as you MUST be 17 to sign the logbook declaration page). In this instance you are able to take your logbook into the test centre where your driving test is booked a day or two prior to your driving test. You must make sure you give them enough time to go through your logbook and not drop it off just before your driving test booking time.

You are able to change your driving test booking date and time up to 48 business hours prior to your driving test time without penalty. Any changes made within 48 business hrs will mean that you will forfeit your driving test booking fee and need to rebook and pay for another driving test – not ideal!

All booked in… Great! Now all there is left to do is get in as much practice as possible prior to your driving test. The more confident you are on the day, the better! Book in some driving lessons and our expert Gold Coast driving instructors can go over everything you need to know to pass your driving test and can even take you on some mock driving tests around possible test routes.

If you have any questions, our friendly team are always here to help you! Call us on 0487 341 007!