Logbook Lesson Approvals

Lesson approvals are done automatically by our Instructors once you send the lesson for approval via the app.

It’s easier to use the QLD Transport Digital App available on the app store on your smartphone!

The logbook lesson approval process is done at the at the end of each lesson. If for any reason your lesson is NOT approved,

Please check the spelling of your Driving Instructor’s email address below:

Instructor Josh Hemopo – josh@learnersdrivertraining.com.au

Instructor Kerrina Watters – kerrina@learnersdrivertraining.com.au

Instructor Martin Sauvarin – marty@learnersdrivertraining.com.au

Instructor Nicola Durkan – nicola@learnersdrivertraining.com.au

Instructor Phil Ouvrier – phil@learnersdrivertraining.com.au

Enter the correct Driving Instructors email address in the Supervisor section in your app. Then resend the lesson for approval again. If the app doesn’t let you resend the lesson for approval again, simply alter one bit of data: Make the lesson start or end time one minute earlier or later. Or change the kilometer by one more or one less, then resubmit the lesson for approval. Our Instructors will then see this lesson and approve it ASAP! – LDT

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