Free Keys2Drive Lesson

Learners Driver Training are an accredited Keys2Drive driving school!

The Keys2Drive program is funded by the Federal Government and provides learner drivers and their supervisor a FREE 1 HOUR DRIVING LESSON. Available for both automatic driving lessons and manual driving lessons!

Statistically, learner drivers are the safest drivers on the road. But the moment they begin solo driving, their risk increases significantly.


  • You MUST bring along your Supervisor with you for this lesson to be FREE!
  • A Supervisor could be a Parent, a Guardian, a Relative, a Friend or your Partner
  • As long as they have a full open Licence and attend the entire 60 minute lesson
  • You can nominate this person when you apply for your Free Lesson Identification Code outlined in the steps below:


  1. You need to CLICK HERE to register via the Keys2Drive website FIRST!
  2. You will then receive a free lesson identification code, usually 8 numbers long.
  3. Click ENQUIRE NOW  and enter your details along with your free lesson identification code (FLID)

The Keys2Drive program aims to introduce a new learning method called “Find Your Own Way” and improve driver safety. The “Find Your Own Way” learning approach aims at reducing the increased crash risk newly licenced drivers face. The Keys2Drive coaching approach is designed to provide a learning experience that is more real, more thorough and more attuned to the reality of licensed driving.

This lesson is a MUST for any learner driver and this lesson includes both the student and supervising driver.

All keys2drive driving lessons are:

  • 100% FREE! And there is no obligation to rebook further lessons
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Must include a supervising driver
  • Provide a valid keys2drive ID code prior to the lesson (we can help you with this)
  • Highly recommended and beneficial for both student and supervising driver
  • Must have an Australian learner licence and only 1 lesson per student
  • Subject to our 24hr cancellation and rescheduling policy
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