Information for Students

Everything you need to know about Learners Driver Training.

Getting your drivers licence is an exciting time – freedom, convienience and independence!

With the freedom and independence also comes a big responsibilty – the responsibility of being a safe driver. Learning defensive driving techniques is invaluable to ensuring you stay safe on the roads. To make your learning experience as easy as possible it is important that you learn the correct techniques and skills from the very beginning.

At Learners Driving Training our number one goal is to give you the tools to be a safe and confident driver. Not only do we ensure a smooth and satisfying transition between your first time behind the wheel to when you nail your driving test but we teach you how to be a safe driver for life.

Why choose us?

Learners Driver Training are the driving school of the future. We have only young, fun, friendly and patient instructors – people who you can relate to – like a cool older brother or sister. Our aim is to provide you with fun and educational driving lessons, with very patient, calm and friendly instructors. When you are having fun, feel relaxed and not dictated to, you learn faster – win win!

Our points of difference:

  • Awesome young and fun driving instructors
  • High content driving lessons – we don’t drip feed you content so you have to book more
  • New, comfortable cars! Easy to drive, great visability and always professionally presented and without those embarressing roof signs!
  • 24/7 support and access to an online forum full of extra training aids and information. Our team is available during office hours to assist with any questions too!
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