Can parents attend driving lessons?

Yes, they can and in fact we would encourage that they come along to at least 1 driving lesson!

Most parents got their licence a “few” years ago and since then lots of road rules and techniques have changed. No one expects parents to be expert trainers, so what better way to learn some great techniques and new ways of being able to train and support your teen and hopefully make the process a little less stressful for both of you! By both learning the correct skills and techniques from the beginning, no bad habits are formed.

Firstly make sure that your teen is happy for you to come along. Some teens feel more comfortable doing a lesson or two first without their parents in the car and then they come along on the 3rd or 4th lesson, others don’t.

When parents come along to the lesson, the lesson is conducted as normal. Most parents find that they actually get a lot out of the lesson and learn things! The instructors will demonstrate how different techniques are explained, the terminology we use and different learning techniques for each student. The parents are able to ask any questions on techniques and road rules they aren’t sure about to.

There is no additional cost for parents to attend the driving lessons, in fact with the new teaching techniques and skills you learn you might even save some money on driving lessons!

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